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    Information Center Hours: Monday - Thursday, 10 - 3 PM

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  • Victor Chamber of Commerce Provides Value Through Connections

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    At the Victor Lighting ribbon cutting, Alison Grems called from the Canandaigua Chamber and said she had a potential customer there that was looking for the new health food store - they thought it was opening in Canandaigua.  I explained it had opened in Phoenix Mills and Alison gave the customer directions. Then she asked what the hours were and I said why don’t we let them speak to the owner of Health and Harmony… he’s here at a ribbon cutting with me right now.  Customer secured!


    A Victor Chamber member got the chamber e-newsletter with an announcement about our upcoming Ribbon Cutting for Naked Pizza. They went to the restaurant for dinner and had a great experience. - Long term customer secured.


    Brian Hill Construction - A potential customer found him on our website. They called him and awarded him a project. - Resulted in an ongoing contract from out of state.


    Vekton - Attended a Business After Hours networking event at Best Western Victor Inn & Suites and switched their hotel business to Best Western.


    Samantha JohnsonSamantha Johnson
     Samantha Johnson of Canandaigua National Bank attended Business After Hours/Open House:  “I actually made a sales call on someone who attended last night and have the opportunity to open a business account and get a commercial loan for $124k.  What a great night!!!!”



    Don from Oklahoma based satellite company calls and wants a referral for 4-5 installers to stay in Victor for 30 days. He always calls the chamber when he comes into a market. I gave him Best Western, Holiday Inn Express and Hampton they chose Best Western.


     Keith Trammel of Trammel Creative Portraiture met Laurel Wemett at ISOC event, when he realized she deals in antiques he asked her for a lead on a used couch for posing his models.


    David Goldman (Ganondagan) Meets Scott Syracusa, from Syracusa Sand & Gravel at the ISOC event and gets to talk with him about being a resource for summer festival recyclables.


    Referred Green Team to Ganondagan to help put on a “green” Summer Festival.


    The chamber office received a phone call from a woman who had heard about a wood-fired pizza place somewhere in Victor on the radio. She couldn’t remember the name. The chamber provided the name, Lucca Pizza’s phone number and directions.


    Referred LL Bean to The Green Team and Parks & Rec


    Teresa Solano of Allied Financial meets new member Steve Graham of Creative Office Systems at Longhorn BAH - soon secures him as a Payroll client – he then turns around and sells her company office furniture
    Teresa Solano 


     Bejan Bahai - Apple Farm - while renewing membership he asked about the building project behind Bristol Garden Center. When I told him about the “robotic mason” he was particularly interested because he has a friend that is into programming and looking for a job. I gave him the name of the HR person there.


    Ann Kabel - UNO Pizzeria & Grill - Used the Business Directory to research Hotels in the area and secured catering business.


    Ed Hemminger- System Maintenance Services - The Victor Chamber brought Emily Palumbos from Assemblyman Brian Kolb’s office to discuss an initiative he was interested in.


    Sandy Michaels - Independent Group - Called the chamber one day when she was having trouble making it to an appointment on time.  Secured address information to get to her appointment.


    Kyle Bolster - Rochester ATM- The chamber referred him to the Holiday Inn considering the fact that they don’t have an ATM on location and I had just overheard a guest who was looking for an ATM onsite.


    Brian Reh – Gorbel - This member called for assistance in locating a manufacturing facility of approximately 5,000 sq. ft.  We gave him recommendations and phone numbers.



    John Durst
     John Durst - Advanced Interconnect Manufacturing - This member attended the Techno Expo as a vendor and met the Victor Central School Robotics Team while he was there. He volunteered to donate used wiring etc. left over from his manufacturing process.



    Matt, one of our financial members, was introduced to 1961 Vodka at a Woodcliff networking event.  He went to Hoffend’s Liquor Store and bought a bottle for a colleague.


     While visiting the Village Hall, I noticed they needed a picture of the new mayor, in a frame.  They told me what they really needed was a calligraphy expert to write the new mayor’s name in script.  I recommended Phil Hilden who does calligraphy for Bistro 11.


    Lunch for 4 –“ This was a real homerun from my prospective and I would be delighted to help you grow this.”  Kathie Cahill, Net Sales